New Peugeot Light Commercial Vehicles


    As a result of more than 20 years’ testing by business, the new generation of Peugeot Partner offers a level of comfort and performance
    worthy of the brand’s current saloon models.

    The all-new Peugeot Partner presents a new balance in its proportions which gives it the appealing style of a small, agile and compact van. A powerful front profile with a short bonnet, a newly designed vertical radiator grill, with an integrated chrome iconic Peugeot lion, all showcase the all-new Peugeot identity. The high waistline, combined with the optimised front and rear overhang energises the entire all-new Peugeot Partner range. This personality is visually enhanced through the Worksite Pack, with its large wheels and increased ground clearance.

    In order to meet all business needs, the new Peugeot Partner is available:

    • in 2 lengths: Standard and Long
    • in Asphalt for those who cover extensive mileage
    • in Grip for those who drive on all kinds of terrain
    • in Crew Van for transporting up to 5 people

    In STANDARD (L1):

    - usable load length of 1.817 m and usable volume of 3.3 m3, with the Multi-Flexi seat, usable load length of up to 3.09 m and usable volume of up to 3.8 m3.

    In LONG (L2):

    - usable load length of 2.167 m and usable volume of 3.9 m3, with the Multi-Flexi seat, usable load length of up to 3.44 m and usable volume of up to 4.4 m3.

    Capitalise on a payload of up to 1,000 kg with the ability to load up to 2 europallets in the Standard version (L1), and a full steel bulkhead to improve your safety and comfort. The Loading Pack comprises of enhanced LED lighting of the load area and additional load securing rings to provide up to 10 anchorage points.

    PEUGEOT i-Cockpit®

    As standard the all-new Peugeot Partner, benefits from the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® designed in line with the brand's saloons and SUVs: a modern design combining a head up display, a compact steering wheel with integrated controls and depending on version, a large 8” touch screen with real ease of use thanks to the ergonomics of the new driving position.

    Make the all-new Peugeot Partner an extension of your office while enjoying unprecedented comfort.
    Make calls in comfort thanks to the specific acoustics of the Asphalt while charging your smartphone by induction. With the Multi-Flex seat, transport up to 3 people or increase the available load length using the folding seat. The pivoting writing table provides a flat surface for a laptop, while charging it with the power of 220 Volts.


    Make driving easier with the latest generation driving aids such as connected 3D navigation with voice recognition and get peace of mind with PEUGEOT Connect SOS & Assistance. For maximum driving comfort, your smartphone connects to the 8" colour Touchscreen with the Mirror Screen® Triple Play function while charging by induction.

    Surround Rear Vision

    Using two cameras, this ADAS displays views on the screen, of the surrounding vicinity with a choice of full or split screen displays.

    This system has three sub-functions:
    - Side Passenger view: enables the vehicle's passenger side blind spot to be seen.
    - A visual monitoring function of the rear environment of the vehicle, available at all times, including in circulation
    - Visual Aid for Reversing: This displays the area to the rear of the vehicle when in reverse gear and indicates the width of the vehicle with the rear view mirrors extended.

    Red lines show 30cm, 1m and 2m from the rear bumper, blue lines show the trajectory of the vehicle depending on steering wheel position and orange lines indicate the opening radius of the rear doors.

    With Surround Rear vision, you benefit from enhanced visibility around the whole vehicle. Especially useful for vehicles with unglazed rear doors and particularly useful in tight spots such as office car parks or building sites.

    Overload Indicator

    As an exclusive, the all-new Peugeot Partner can be specified with the Overload Indicator. This innovative onboard function informs the driver if they are in danger of exceeding the maximum authorised payload whether the overall maximum laden weight or on each axle (front and rear).

    The system has three functions:

    Prevent the risk of overloading (compromised handling, braking eficiency, burst tyres and premature wear of components, etc.)

    To meet customer expectations in terms of safety.

    Avoid the risk of a fine for exceeding the load limit.

    The all-new Peugeot Partner, with more than 20 years of being put to the test by businesses, offers a new platform providing a great driving experience as well as modular practicality. The Partner in Long (L2) sees its length increase in both the wheelbase and the rear overhang, offering increased load volume while maintaining handling and agility.

    Combine the best of both worlds:

    The front of the vehicle is derived from the EMP2 platform on which the current range of Peugeot saloon and SUV are based. It is adapted to the specific needs of commercial vehicles, so that the all-new Peugeot Partner brings you dynamic comfort, manoeuvrability, road handling and optimised steering. 

    However, safety is not forgotten with  the latest generation of driving aids, previously only commonly found on passenger cars.

    Based on the EMP2 platform, the all-new Peugeot Partner also benefits from the latest generation of engines, synonymous with efficiency in fuel consumption and optimised CO2emissions. The new 8-speed automatic gearbox (EAT8) can be combined with the diesel engine.


    The New 100% electric Peugeot e-PARTNER gives an electric driving range (WLTP) of up to 171 miles without compromising on performance:

    • Identical loadspace volumes to diesel versions
    • Standard and Long lengths available
    • Panel van and crew van variants
    • Payload up to 800 kg
    • Towing capacity up to 750 kg
    • Smooth and jolt-free driving
    • Rapid acceleration thanks to immediate engine torque

    It is also money-saving. 0g of CO2 while driving achieve savings thanks to lower energy costs per mile than diesel variants, low usage costs thanks to reduced maintenance and there are government grants available.

    For more information on the PEUGEOT PARTNER & e-PARTNER range, click here or contact us using the form below. 

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